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October 16, 2015

Producing a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) from ARCHICAD 19


One part of the process of “Level 2 BIM” in the UK is for each team member to produce a Task Information Delivery Plan (or TIDP for short). These individual Task Information Delivery Plans are then collated into a single document called a Master Information Delivery Plan (or MIDP for short). In ‘old’ terminology a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) is essentially the equivalent of an Information Release Schedule.

There are various ways to produce these documents including Microsoft Excel (or similar) and databases. To date where required we have simply used Excel. However, we are always looking for new and efficient ways to produce all our information and a Task Information Delivery Plan is no different. Developments in Graphisoft ARCHICAD 19 mean that it is now possible to schedule all data from a layout sheet. Given that we need to create our drawing sheets anyway and produce a Task Information Delivery Plan it seems logical to try an kill two birds with one stone if possible.

So by setting up our drawing sheets at the beginning of a project in ARCHICAD 19 we can also produce a Task Information Delivery Plan. This post sets out a bit more information about Task Information Delivery Plans and then sets out how you would go about creating this type of document.

Task Information Delivery Plan

3.42 of PAS 1192-2:2013 describes a task information delivery plan (TIDP) as “federated lists of information deliverables by each task, including format, date and responsibilities”. Section 7.4 of PAS 1192-2:2013 sets out further information:

7.4.1 Each task team manager shall compile their own TIDP, with its milestones. These shall be used to convey the responsibility for delivery of each supplier’s information.

7.4.2 Milestones within each TIDP shall be aligned with the design and construction programmes to produce the MIDP (see 7.3).

7.4.3 For each deliverable, the TIDPs shall be used to indicate the team member responsible or to note that such responsibility has yet to be allocated.

7.4.4 The TIDPs shall be used to show how responsibility for the preparation of project documents transfers from one team member to another.

7.4.5 The TIDPs shall be used to take account of the required sequence of model preparation for any work packages used in the project.

NOTE The TIDP is part of the BEP.


Image: The design and construction programme drives each discipline’s Task Information Delivery Plan which then feeds into a single Master Information Delivery Plan for the entire project

Note: It  is often misunderstood is that delivery plans should be produced by everyone working on a project who is going to produce information. This is not just those creating or using models but all parties who are producing and issuing information.

What should a Task Information Delivery Plan look like?

The CPIC website shows an example of a Task Information Delivery Plan as part of the CPIx Post Contract-Award Building Information Modelling (BIM) Execution Plan (BEP).

The CPIx document in Section 4.4 states “A task information delivery plan (TIDP) for each task within the project shall be prepared using the template below so that the format is consistent with the format required for the master information delivery plan. When completed by all team members the TIDPs should be published in this document appendix and on the project extranet.”

The document can be found here and the TIDP in Section 4.4 looks like this in the CPIx document:

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 18.53.50

Image: Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) as documented in CPIx Post Contract-Award Building Information Modelling (BIM) Execution Plan (BEP) Section 4.4 Table 13 (Version R1; March 2013)

Creating the data for the Task Information Delivery Plan in ARCHICAD

Go to Book Settings (use the ARCHICAD Help menu if you don’t know where to find any of the ARCHICAD terms) and under Layout Scheme add the fields you want to appear in the Task Information Delivery Plan and/or on your drawing layout sheets.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 08.55.57

Image: Book Settings – Layout Scheme dialogue for adding new fields

Creating the Task Information Delivery Plan schedule

A Task Information Delivery Plan can be created under Project Indexes.

Create a new Project Index making sure you choose Layouts under New Index.

You can then define any criteria in the top dialogue box and add the required fields you have added to the layout book.

Finally format the schedule as required.

Adding items to the Task Information Delivery Plan

This just requires the user to create the layout sheets for each item they require on the list. This means simply creating a new layout sheet in the Layout Book. They can either complete the data by right clicking on the layout sheet and going to Layout Settings… or they can complete the data in the schedule itself. Personally I think its quicker and easier in the schedules particularly if you are adding a lot of layout sheets in one go.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 08.54.30

Image: Layout Settings

One thing to note with this process is that many items including in the Task Information Delivery Plan will not be created in ARCHICAD. This doesn’t stop the creating of the document but does require a number of dummy sheets to be created in order to produce a complete list.

Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) from ARCHICAD 19

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 14.36.26

Image: Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) as produced from ARCHICAD 19 and aligned with PAS 1192-2:2013 and BS 1192:2007+A1:2015 [Click to view larger version]

Exporting the schedule

The schedule can either be exported straight from the schedule (as an Excel Workbook, Excel 97-2003 Workbook, Tabbed Text, DWF File or PDF File) or placed on a layout sheet and issued with a title block including revision history.

Of course you may end up issuing both a PDF and the actual data as the Information Manager will want to combine all the Task Information Delivery Plans into the Master Information Delivery Plan.

Reusing information

Of course the information which you are using to produce a schedule can also be used directly on the layout sheets as well. Some useful further reading on this subject is available directly from Graphisoft. See: How to Insert AutotextAutotext Reference Drawing and Autotext Keywords.

Some observations for Graphisoft

One small weakness with this workflow is that it is not possible to pull the project code and the originator (company code) direct from the Project Info dialogue. Being able to schedule Project Info with layout data would mean less duplication and better reuse of data.


Of course a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) is only one schedule document that can be created using ARCHICAD 19’s new developments with Autotext. Any data that you want to relate to each layout sheet can be added to the Layout Book and then scheduled. Of course the same data can be used on the layout sheets themselves so this also presents an easy way to change data quickly from a single location.

Rob Jackson, Associate Director, Bond Bryan Architects


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